Mª Remedios Alarcón
“Management systems and ecosystem services in Mediterranean herbaceous cultures”
Supervisor: Ana Mª Sánchez Álvarez.

Guillermo Bañares
“Determinants of functional and phylogenetic diversity that explain the distribution of woody plants in Andean tropical forests along altitudinal and latitudinal gradients”
Supervisors: Luis Cayuela Delgado & Manuel Macías (UAM).

Concepción Cano
“Effects of global change on microbial communities of arid zones at several spatial scales”
Supervisors: Fernando T. Maestre Gil & Manuel Delgado Baquerizo.

Greta Carrete
“Effect of climate change in the arrival of invasive species to Antarctica”
Supervisors: Miguel Ángel Olalla Tárraga & Javier Benayas (UAM).

Elena Castellanos
“Conservation of the ecological niche in mammals: an assessment based on ecophysiology, phylogeny and the temporal transferability of distribution models”
Supervisor: Emilio Virgós Cantalapiedra.

Rocío Chaves
“Assembly mechanisms of of plant communities in semi-arid environments”
Supervisor: Arantzazu López de Luzuriaga Gamboa.

Marina Dacal
“The role of soil organisms as modulators of the response of arid ecosistems to global change: a pluriscale analysis”
Supervisors: Fernando T. Maestre Gil & Pablo García Palacios.

Mª Rosa de las Heras
“Development of bioassays and biomarkers to assessing abiotic stress and environmental toxicity”
Supervisor: Myriam Catalá Rodríguez.

Noelia Fernández
“Diversity of lichens and lichenicolous fungi in the Nangaritza river high basin (S Ecuador)”
Supervisors: María Prieto Álvaro, Gregorio Aragón Rubio & Isabel Martínez Moreno.

Talita Ferreira
“Macroecological and macroevolutionary patterns in life history traits of amphibians: a regional and global assessment”
Supervisor: Miguel Ángel Olalla Tárraga.

Sandra Freire
“Disentangling the biodiversity, coevolutionary patterns and interactions of Basidiomicota living in other fungi”
Supervisors: Ana Mª Millanes Romero & Mats Wedin (Natural History Museum, Stockholm).

Ana García
“Factors determining the increases and shrinkage of range size of two habitat-forming macroalgae species in the Iberian peninsula”
Directoras: Rosa Mª Viejo & Mª Brezo Fernández Díaz-Caneja.

Miguel García
“Functional carachterization of semiarid ecosystems at different spatial scales using satelite images”
Supervisor: Fernando T. Maestre Gil.

Paulo I. Herrera-Vargas (UTPL, Loja, Ecuador)
“Estructure of the community of mycorhizal fungi of epiphytic orchids in tropical forests of South Ecuador: effects of altitudinal change”
Supervisors: Mª Carmen Molina Cobos, Marcos Méndez Iglesias, Juan Pablo Suárez (UTPL).

Pilar Hurtado
“Incidence of some motors of global chane on epiphytic organisms: from populations to communities at multiple spatial scales”
Supervisors: Isabel Martínez Moreno, Gregorio Aragón Rubio & María Prieto Álvaro.

Ángela Lafuente
“Soil-atmosphere gas exchange and microbial properties in arid ecosystems under the effect of global change”
Supervisors: Fernando T. Maestre Gil, Antonio Gallardo (University Pablo de Olavide) & Jorge Duran (University of Coimbra, Portugal).

Jesús López
“Ecological assembly rules in high mountain plant communities: a multi-scale spatial approach”
Supervisors: Adrián Escudero Alcántara & Lohengrín Cavieres (Universidad de Concepción, Chile).

Ana M. López-Peralta
“Processes influencing the formation of the community of annual plants in chalk steppes”
Supervisors: Adrián Escudero Alcántara, Ana M. Sánchez Álvarez & Arantzazu López de Luzuriaga Gamboa.

Julián G. Mangas
“Impact of environmental changes on the basic ecology of the badger”
Supervisor: Emilio Virgós.

Nieves Martín
“Evolution of root mutualisms under domestication”
Supervisor: Rubén Milla.

Gabriel Martins de Carvalho
“Environmental determinism at multiple scales: effects of soil and climate on the floristic composition and functional diversity of mountain tropical forests of South America”
Supervisors: Luis Cayuela Delgado & Manuel Macías (UAM).

Javier Morente
“Local adaptation in marginal populations of high mountain plants : an integrative perspective”
Supervisors: José Mª Iriondo Alegría & Carlos Lara Ruiz (IMEDEA).

Laura Rodríguez
“Assembly of ecophysiological and habitat models for the prediction of changes in the distribution of founder reef corals in future climate scenario”
Supervisor: Mª Brezo Martínez Díaz-Caneja.

María Luisa Rubio
“Ecogeographic analysis as a tool in the conservation of cultivated plant relatives”
Supervisor: José Mª Iriondo Alegría.