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Short CV

2004 – 2010 – Degree in Biology, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
2010 – 2011 – MsC in Techniques of Characterization and Conservation of Biological Diversity, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Research lines

Supervisor: José María Iriondo Alegría

Title: “Local adaptation in peripheral populations of high mountain plants: an integrative perspective”.

This PhD is framed in the project “AdAptA”.

Adaptation is one of the main responses of living beings in the face of new environmental conditions. It has been argued that populations at the edge of their range have a great adaptive value because they are under extreme environmental conditions for the species. However, this statement is controversial because it is foreseeable that these populations have a low genetic diversity on which natural selection can act.

My PhD thesis aims to evaluate the local adaptation processes existing in the populations located in suboptimal areas from the environmental point of view of Silene ciliata (Caryophyllaceae), a plant of the psychroxerophilous pastures of the Mediterranean high mountain, representative of one of the most vulnerable habitats to global change in Spain.

Through the combination of experimental field approaches (common gardens with reciprocal in situ plantings), ecogeographic characterization of localities based on field data and geographic information systems (Species Distribution Modeling), and molecular techniques, I intend to approach local adaptation under a multidisciplinary and integral view and thus be able to identify the relevance of this process when developing measures that minimize the impact of global change on biodiversity.

Previously and in parallel to my PhD thesis I have collaborated in other research projects. For example, the study of the domestication syndromes in plants with Dr. Rubén Milla within the «Ancestros» project, and the analysis of structural conformation and changes in pollination networks of high mountain communities affected by encroaching processes with Dr. José María Iriondo and Dr. Carlos Lara Romero within the «Limits» project.


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