Departamental II – DII. 221
Area of Biodiversity and Conservation
Rey Juan Carlos University
c/ Tulipán s/n.
E-28933 Móstoles (Madrid)

Phone: +34 91 488 8251
Fax:      +34 91 664 7490
E-mail: jose.gonzalez at
ResearchID: A-3835-2009

Short CV

2003 – Lecturer at URJC.

2000 – PhD in Biology UPV-EHU.

1994 – BsC in Biology UPV-EHU.

Current position

Assistant professor.

I teach Ecology and Iberian Ecosystems in the degree in Biology.

Research interests
  • Role of invertebrates in the processes of energy transfer
  • Influence of riparian vegetation on structure and function of the communities of river invertebrates
  • Population dynamics of Plecoptera, Ephemeroptera and Trichoptera

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