Gregorio Aragón

Address and links
Departamental II – 243B
Area of Biodiversity and Conservation
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
c/ Tulipán, s/n.
E-28933 Móstoles

Phone: +34 91 488 8290
E-mail: gregorio.aragon at
Homepage at URJC
Scopus: 7006233160

Short CV
2002 Ph D Thesis in Biological Sciences (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Research interests
Lichen diversity, ecology and conservation:
Inventory of lichen diversity in the Picos de Europa National Park.
Taxonomy and biogeographic implications of the different groups in the genus Leptogium.
Management systems of woodland pastures in the Cabañeros National Park: effects on lichen composition and diversity.
ffects of forest fragmentation on epiphytic lichens.