Departamental II – DII. 244
Area of Biodiversity and Conservation
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
c/ Tulipán, s/n.
E-28933 Móstoles (Madrid)

Phone: +34 91 488 8159
Fax:      +34 91 664 7490
E-mail: exposito.yoana at / jr.exposito at


Short CV

2011–2015 Degree in Biology, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

2015–2016 MsC in Cell Biology and Genetics

Research lines

Function of nitric oxide (NO) in phycobionts isolated from Ramalina farinacea during their rehydration and in the presence of lead (Pb).

Study of phycobionts isolated from Ramalina farinacea.


Expósito, J. R.; San Román, S. M.;Barreno, E.; Reig-Armiñana, J.; García-Breijo, F. J.; Catalá, M. (2019). Inhibition of NO biosynthetic activities during rehydration of Ramalina farinacea lichen thalli provokes increases in lipid peroxidation. Plants 8: 189.