Departamental II – DII. 245
Area of Biodiversity and Conservation
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
c/ Tulipán, s/n.
E-28933 Móstoles (Madrid)

Phone: +34 91 488 8517
E-mail: victoria.calvo at urjc.es

Short CV

2013 – Degree in Environmental Sciences, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

2019 – Higher Technician in Management of Forests and Natural Environments, IES Centro de Capacitación Agraria.

2021 – MsC in Techniques of Characterization and Conservation of Biological Diversity, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.



Scientific publications

Cardós, J. L. H.; Martínez, I.; Calvo, V.; Aragón, G. (2016). Epiphyte communities in Mediterranean fragmented forests: importance of the fragment size and the surrounding matrix. Landscape Ecology 31: 1975-1995,