Mario Blanco
«Phenotypic plasticity and natural seldction in gypsum specialist plants: from genotype to phenotype in a context of global change»
Supervisors: Silvia Matesanz & Adrián Escudero.

Tamara Burgos
«Trophic cascades and plant-disperser mutualisms: effect of a top predator on seed dispersal of Mediterranean plants»
Supervisor: Emilio Virgós Cantalapiedra.

Elvira Caro
«Butterfly ecology»
Supervisor: David Gutiérrez García.

Rocío Chaves
«Assembly mechanisms of of plant communities in semi-arid environments»
Supervisor: Arantzazu López de Luzuriaga Gamboa.

Pablo Escribano
Supervisors: Miguel Ángel Olalla-Tárraga & Luis Alberto Rodríguez Pertierra.

Joana Expósito
«Role of nitric oxide in phycobionts of Ramalina farinacea«
Supervisor: Myriam Catalá Rodríguez.

Noelia Fernández
«Diversity of lichens and lichenicolous fungi in the Nangaritza river high basin (S Ecuador)»
Supervisors: María Prieto Álvaro, Gregorio Aragón Rubio & Isabel Martínez Moreno.

Sandra Freire
«Disentangling the biodiversity, coevolutionary patterns and interactions of Basidiomicota living in other fungi»
Supervisors: Ana Mª Millanes Romero & Mats Wedin (Natural History Museum, Stockholm).

Alicia Gómez-Fernández
«Impact of domestication on phenotypic traits and biodiversity effects»
Supervisor: Ruben Milla Gutiérrez.

Sandra Hernández
«Latitudinal, regional and local patterns that influence macroalgae size and distribution in a climate change scenario»
Supervisor: Brezo Martínez Díaz-Caneja.

Angela Illuminati
«Integrating the underground plant component in plant interactions to a unified theory of plant coexistence»
Supervisors: Adrián Escudero Alcántara & Silvia Matesanz García.

Roberto López
«Gypsophilous plants»
Supervisor: Ana Mª Sánchez Álvarez.

Sergio Muriel
«Gypsicolous lichens»
Supervisor: María Prieto.

Laura Ortiz
«Unravelling global rules of species assembly: an experimental approach based on annual plant communities in semi-arid systems worldwide»
Supervisors: Arantzazu López de Luzuriaga & Pablo Ferrandis (UCLM).

Javier Palomino
«Evolution of wild relatives of crop plants and ecosystem services provided by agroecosystems»
Supervisors: Rubén Milla & Pablo García-Palacios.

Eva Ripoll
«Social brain in ants»
Supervisor: Sara Arganda.

Clara Rodríguez
«Ecological assembly rules in epiphytic communities of temperate forests: a view from the Southern Hemisphere»
Supervisors: Isabel Martínez, Gregorio Aragón & María Prieto.

María Luisa Rubio
«Ecogeographic analysis as a tool in the conservation of cultivated plant relatives»
Supervisor: José Mª Iriondo Alegría.

Sandra Sacristán
«Assessment of the assisted evolution as a strategy to adapt to climate change»
Supervisors: José Mª Iriondo & Alfredo García-Fernández.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]